Outsourcing Secrets & a Magical “not an iPad” Device That Turns Ideas Into Auto-Pilot Cash Flow

John Reese just posted an amazing video about outsourcing. You absolutely must watch this video if you’re interested in making more money while doing less work.

Watch The Video Here:

Here’s some of what he shares in this free video:

  • Web sites you can use today to find quality people to hire for $300/month full-time, and they are happy with the pay
  • The magical “not an iPad” device that turns ideas into auto-pilot cash flow (this one blew me away!)
  • A special task you can give anyone to find out if they’re a “good” worker
  • Why you should avoid outsourcing firms at all costs (How John lost over $100,000)
  • The inexpensive software John calls his “money-making delegation machine”
  • And much, much more!

Watch The Video Right Now:

My Outsource Force Bonus

As I am sure you know, the above links are my affiliate links to the second video of the launch of Outsource Force. If you choose to buy Outsource Force via may affiliate link, then I will give you the following bonuses:

  • I’ll show you a secret trick that I used to get over 2 Million views on my Youtube channel. Anyone can do it. It’s very easy to do. I’ll give you videos showing you exactly how I did it.
  • I’ll show you how I built a following on Twitter of over 6000 followers on autopilot, and it’s still increasing to this day. I barely touch the account. Even if you have a big following on Twitter, would your following increase or decrease if you took a week off from tweeting? Mine will always increase no matter what I do, and I will show you exactly how I set it up.
  • I’ll give you a call on mp3 that I did with a guy who built a list of over 17,000 people on his Facebook page all with free traffic within a span of a few months
  • I’ll show you exactly how to set up a WordPress blog, one that is installed on your hosting account, by the way. And I’ll show you how to make it a search engine magnet.
  • I’ll show you how to set up your autoresponder. You can look right over my shoulder while I walk you through setting up your email campaign, as well as setting up an opt-in form on your new blog.

Here are the rules for my Outsource Force Bonus

It’s pretty simple…you must use my affiliate link to buy Outsource Force in May of 2010. I must get paid in full by John Reese for your Outsource Force purchase. Some of the bonus items will be delivered when I receive the buyer’s list from John Reese, others will be delivered later and I reserve the right modify my offer in any way I deem necessary, including giving you more cool stuff than I promised. 😉

Go and watch this video on instant leverage right now. Just seeing John demo the magical “not an iPad” device is well worth the time alone!

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