How Much Money Could You Make if You Could Clone Yourself and Pay Your Clone $2 Per Hour?

That’s a question that top Internet marketer John Reese addresses in his first video for his new course called, “Outsource Force.” In it, he reveals the fact that it does take hard work to make money online, however…that doesn’t mean that YOU have to do that hard work.

What do I mean by that? Well, what if I told you that John Reese has devised a “$2 per hour power formula” that will make your business grow without you having to do the work? And what if I also told you that this simple and inexpensive formula is the closely-guarded secret that is responsible for BIG TIME money being made online? Would you be interested?

If you’re more than interested, and you don’t even want to wait to hear more about this video…you just want to go and watch it now, here is my affiliate link to the video:

And for those of you who want to hear more, John explains the 4 main reasons why people are either scared to outsource or unsuccessful at outsourcing. Some of the reasons may surprise you.

He also talks about the 3 core functions of business that you need to know in order to outsource successfully.

He even breaks out his GT-R, which is one of the fastest production cars made, in the video. Did you know he held the world record for drag racing with another GT-R that he used to own? This guy has a habit of setting records!

Another record that John set, which I blogged about recently, is John is the first Internet marketer to make $1 million in one day. That being the case, don’t you agree that if anyone is an authority on outsourcing, he is? You don’t think he made all of that money in one day all by himself, do you? 😉

So go and check out the video now:

Watch and learn from the master.

By the way, I am making a video for the bonus package that I will be giving you if you buy Outsource Force via my affiliate link. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment below!

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