Check out the powerful, eye-opening documentary, “The Cove” this weekend in LA and NY

July 31, 2009

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I’m very excited about this weekend! I’m going to check out “The Cove.” It’s a amazing documentary about a small town in Japan that has a very large secret. A friend of mine told me about it when he saw it at the LA Film Festival. He said that it brought grown men to tears and it received a standing ovation at the end. It has won numerous awards, including one at Sundance.

To find out what the secret is, watch the trailer below. Tell everyone you know about this movie. The world should know what is going on in this small town. They need to be stopped. They also need to be educated on how to make money in a positive way.

Official site
Where it’s playing
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Please get the word out!

Here’s the trailer to the documentary:

Here’s a review of the documentary by The Los Angeles Times:

Here’s a short clip showing how this practice is contributing to the mercury poisoning of the people in Japan:

Here’s the full documentary:

And here’s what YOU can do about this:

Take action to save the dolphins!

Here’s the public service announcement that has a lot of celebrities urging you to get involved and help save the dolphins:

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