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Some Business Lessons from a Multi-Millionaire

August 1, 2010



I recently spent almost 4 hours with a multi-millionaire who started with nothing at age 42. All he had with him at the time was a cassette tape of a speech that Jim Rohn had made to a crowd of Shaklee distributors many years ago. He didn’t even have 20 cents to his name. He […]

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Tony Robbins Finds Out How John Reese Became the First Internet Marketer to Make $1 Million in a Day [VIDEO]

September 7, 2009


I just watched this video interview that Tony Robbins did with John Reese, who was the first Internet Marketer to make $1 million in a single day on the Internet. It’s a very powerful 16 minute video where they discuss John’s mindset and how he went from making $400 in a single day, to $22,000, […]

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