Tony Robbins Finds Out How John Reese Became the First Internet Marketer to Make $1 Million in a Day [VIDEO]

I just watched this video interview that Tony Robbins did with John Reese, who was the first Internet Marketer to make $1 million in a single day on the Internet. It’s a very powerful 16 minute video where they discuss John’s mindset and how he went from making $400 in a single day, to $22,000, to $1,000,000.

Your First Dollar is the Most Powerful

John says that the first dollar that you make online is the most powerful, as that is when your brain flips the switch from being hopeful about making money online, to KNOWING that you can make money online, because you have already done it. You simply have to take what you have done and leverage it out. And with technology, you can do that very easily.

Momentum is Key
(see this article on the power of momentum)

John later explains to Tony how momentum played a very key role in his making $1 million in a single day online, and it’s what most people miss out on because they want to START with the million dollar day. They don’t realize that you have to start with your first dollar, then your first $100, then your first $1000, etc., and get the ball rolling. Then, once you have momentum, it will take on a life of its own and your income will jump very quickly. That’s the powerful thing about momentum. It takes on a life of its own, and then inertia kicks in. But you need to push the ball UP the hill before it will start rolling down the hill.

Those are just two powerful points that were made in the video. Check out the whole video for the rest of John and Tony’s powerful teachings:

By the way, this morning, before I finished editing this post, I was listening to Russell Brunson’s Micro Continuity program, and he mentioned how another very successful Internet marketer, Brad Fallen, also experienced the power of momentum. He mentioned the figures that Brad made in the beginning (he saw Brad’s bank account), and he saw that Brad’s income went from $18,000 to $100,000 in one month. Russell asked him what happened that month, and Brad just responded with the explanation of momentum. If you’re consistent, things build up over time, and eventually your efforts pay off exponentially. But you MUST be consistent. Otherwise, it will not work.

Please post below and let me know your thoughts on these subjects. I’d also love to know how you liked the video and how it benefited you.

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2 Responses to “Tony Robbins Finds Out How John Reese Became the First Internet Marketer to Make $1 Million in a Day [VIDEO]”

  1. Terri Says:

    Hi I Like this comment “But you need to push the ball UP the hill before it will start rolling down the hill.”

    It is SO important for anyone starting a business not to get hooked into what a lot of motivational speakers and entrepreneurs say about earning XYZ in less than 12 months.

    The fact is that it’s taken them years (some, maybe a couple) of learning and failing to get where they are and most importantly they had the RIGHT connections i.e. Tony Robbins had Jim Rohn, Napoleon Hill had Andrew Carnegie and Bob Proctor had Earl Nightingale and so on and so on; these people were NEVER going to fail because they latched on to people who had made it; all they had to do was listen, learn and put into action and voila! So yes, I guess in 12 months or less they started “making” it after a while.

    I read on Brendon Burchard’s site about how he starting making XYZ in 6 months but the fact of the matter is he said in 2001 he launched a book which bankrupted him but that by 2011 he had mastered everything and put it into cohesive content; if you look at the timeframe that’s 10 years!

    In my opinion, you can plan, market research, have your niche target market etc but if you are NOT connected it will take you a long time, because people don’t know who you are and generally businesses get started via recommendations and build from there. I know this to be true in my case and I spent 2 years learning Dan Kennedy’s “techniques” and did all the market research etc before I decided to quit my job and 18 months later I still didn’t have a client even though I was marketing consistently online and offline even with special offers! All marketing does is creates “awareness” it does NOT guarantee you clients it takes time to build trust.

    Granted, if you’re selling online products i.e. ebay or Amazon I guess you’d get clients straight away – but services is a little bit more trickier in my experience!


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