The Best Self-Made Wealth Bonus!

If you’ve been watching the videos that I’ve been promoting on Twitter and on Facebook, you’ll know that Eben really has a handle on money and how to create wealth.

He should since he went from living in a trailer to making $29 million last year. So you’ll be learning from someone who has actually DONE IT! Not someone who is just teaching what they learned. His teachings are solely based on experience.

Now the question is why should you buy Eben’s Self-Made Wealth course via my affiliate link. Well, that answer is simple…because I have the best bonus to go with Eben’s course.

He’s going to teach you about the mindset and knowledge you need to create (and keep) wealth for yourself, and I’m going to show you how to create that wealth online via your passion, because if you know anything about success, you’ll know that you have to truly LOVE what you do in order to be uber-successful.

Malcolm Gladwell states in his amazing book, Outliers, that based on his research, it takes about 10,000 hours of hard work in order for you to truly master a craft. And I’m talking about truly mastering it…to the point of becoming a celebrity in your industry, if not the world.

So if you aren’t absolutely ecstatic about what you do for a living, then you are not going to put in the 10,000 hours that you need to put in to reach the higher echelon of success. It’s just not going to happen.

With that said, here is my BONUS package if you purchase Self-Made Wealth via my affiliate link:

  1. I’ll show you how to find your passion, and then build a lucrative online business based on your passion. This will include showing you how to create a passive income from your business, which is the only way you can become wealthy. You can’t get wealthy by renting your time.
  2. I’ll show you a secret trick that I used to get over 2.8 million views on YouTube completely FREE! Anyone can do it. It’s very easy to do. I’ll give you videos showing you exactly how I did it.
  3. I will show you another trick that I learned that increased my traffic by 50%! It’s a very simple thing to do and not many people do it at all. It also involves YouTube.
  4. I’ll show you how I built a following on Twitter of over 12,000 followers among my accounts on autopilot, and they are still increasing to this day. I barely use the accounts. Even if you have a big following on Twitter, would your following increase or decrease if you took a week off from tweeting?
  5. I’ll give you a call in mp3 format that I did with a guy who built a list of 17,000 people on his Facebook page, all with FREE traffic within a span of a few months! This call is JAM PACKED with info. No one else offers this, because no one else has this. It’s a private interview that I did with him.
  6. I’ll show you exactly how to set up a WordPress blog…one that is installed on your hosting account, by the way, which means that you own it. If you have a blog on where your address for your blog is, then you don’t own it. does. I’ll also show you how to make your blog a search engine magnet.
  7. I’ll show you how to set up your own autoresponder. You can look right over my shoulder while I walk you through setting up your email campaign, as well as setting up an opt-in form on your blog. This bonus will help you earn money while you sleep!

Here are the rules for my Self-Made Wealth Bonus

It’s pretty simple…you must use my affiliate link to buy Self-Made Wealth in January or February of 2011. I must get paid in full by Eben Pagan for your Self-Made Wealth purchase, which means if you choose the payment plan, I will send my Bonus package to you once I receive all of the payments. I reserve the right modify my offer in any way I deem necessary, including giving you more cool stuff than I promised. 😉

And added BONUS…

I’ve decided to give you an added bonus and incentive to give Self-Made Wealth a test drive, and that is this. Even if you don’t keep Eben’s course, and you decide to return it, you can still keep ALL of these bonuses that I am giving you. Yes, that’s right. You can keep all of the above bonuses EVEN IF you return Eben’s product. But I don’t think you will because it is just THAT GOOD.

And if you implement what he teaches in the course, then you could make many many times what you paid for the course. So as Robert Kiyosaki always says, “Don’t look at how much something costs you. Look at how much something is going to make you. If a building costs $1 million, but you will make $2 million from it, then who cares if it costs $1 million. You’re going to make double that!”

Having said that, I’ll stop writing so you can stop reading and go and check out the course now before he closes it down and you lose the chance to experience Self-Made Wealth directly via Eben for good!

Here’s my link that you need to click on before you buy it if you want my bonuses that I just listed above:

Good luck and enjoy!

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