OK. John Reese is going to bribe you. (Amazing Bonus Added to Outsource Force!)

Wow! I just got this email from John Reese saying that he’s adding a KILLER bonus to his Outsource Force Coaching program. He’s giving you a 1 year subscription to Opportunity.com for FREE if you act fast and sign up for his Outsource Force coaching program…a $479.40 value!

Here’s my affiliate link where you can sign up:

And make sure you read about the BONUS PACKAGE that I will give you if you sign up via my affiliate link.

Outsourcing is a HUGE deal. It can make or break your company. I personally lost two HUGE deals because I hired the wrong people through an outsourcing site. I just didn’t know how to do it the right way. We’re talking a possible ongoing revenue of 10’s of 1000’s of dollars from these two deals, but because I didn’t hire the right people, I lost both deals and had to give them their money back because the designers and programmers did not come through for me.

John is a MASTER at outsourcing and has been VERY successful at it. One example is he took a job, outsourced it for $300, and turned it into a multi-million dollar business! It was an image hosting site for ebay auctions back in the late 90’s. Ebay wasn’t hosting images back then, so he saw that as an opportunity and seized it! He had the website created for $300 that would allow people to host their auction images for free, and then he turned it into a multi-million dollar business by selling ads and promoting products via affiliate links on the website. Within 5 months of its launch, that site was one of the top 500 most visited sites in the world! Amazing. He talks about it in the video that you’ll watch when you click on my affiliate link.

But his real claim to fame is that he was the first Internet marketer to make $1 million online in one day. Yes, that’s right, $1 million in a 24 hour period. He actually wrote a blog post about it on his blog. At the time of this writing, his blog is offline, but you can still scroll down and read the blog post. Go here to read it.

So, if you are at all interested in growing your business, or you want to grow your business faster so you can quit your job faster by having people work on your business while you work at your job, or you simply want to make more money and and work less, then Outsource Force is an INCREDIBLE value for you. And that was even BEFORE John added a FREE ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION to Opportunity.com.

Opportunity.com is his membership site that teaches and shows you exactly how to run a very profitable affiliate marketing business. He’s made millions with that business model, and now he’s going to show you how to do it…for FREE if you sign up for Outsource Force. But you have to act FAST if you want that bonus. Click my affiliate link below to register.

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Here is John’s letter that I received this morning that he wanted me to give you. It tells all about his new bonus:

Because of my commitment to help as many entrepreneurs as possible with my new coaching program, I am going to make this CRAZY OFFER…

If you act fast and register for my Outsource Force Coaching Program, here’s what I’m going to GIVE YOU absolutely free…

All the Training you’ll need to start you own profitable Affiliate Marketing business from scratch!

You’ll get access to training videos, how-to lessons, and research reports and information on over 24,800 affiliate opportunities that are available online for you to take advantage of right now.

These are opportunities that will pay you a commission per sale or per lead. All you do is send them traffic and they will send you a check. You’ll learn how to do this with your training!

Here’s how you’ll get access to all of that. You’ll be receiving…

A 1-Year Membership To Opportunity.com!

This is a $479.40 value. Regular members pay $39.95/month, but you’ll get this ABSOLUTELY FREE FOR A FULL YEAR!

Opportunity.com will teach you how to start your own profitable Affiliate Marketing business.

AND by combining your new Opportunity.com membership with the Outsource Force program, you’ll have the ultimate ONE-TWO PUNCH!

They both work TOGETHER to help you grow your Affiliate Marketing business!

BUT you’ll need to act fast to get this special bonus.

Register For The Outsource Force Coaching Program RIGHT NOW and you’ll be receiving this amazing free BONUS. (But it can only be guaranteed if you register right now.)

Go Here And Click “Add To Cart” And Register:

HURRY while this bonus is still available!

And remember, if you buy it through my affiliate link, IN ADDITION to what John is going to give you, I will also give you MY BONUS PACKAGE, which is actually FIVE bonuses in one!

So take advantage of all of these bonuses, but you have to act FAST! Go to the link below, click “Add to Cart” and register:

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