Push Past the Learning and Earning Curve in Everything You Do

This is my first blog post, and I figured I would write about a topic that is a hidden problem to many, and is something that can hold you back from success for years and years under the radar (meaning you don’t know why success is eluding you).  It’s about pushing through the learning and earning curve in whatever endeavor you choose to take on.

You see, many people get into the habit of jumping from one income opportunity to the next, never really sticking with one opportunity long enough to reap the rewards.  They get on this high of a new opportunity, and when that high wears off and they realize that they need to put in some real work, they look for (or subconsciously attract) a new opportunity for them to be excited about.  Once that happens, they drop the old opportunity and jump on the new one…that is until the high wears off and yet another new “shiny object” catches their eye.

It’s actually a lot like dating.  Some guys are serial daters and never really get into a real relationship with a girl.  Why?  Because they think a real relationship is not as fun as dating, and they don’t get the same high that they get when they are dating a girl who is new, mysterious, and fresh.  So, once the relationship with the girl who they are currently dating starts to turn into a “real relationship” that involves some real work, they get scared and either sabotage the relationship, or they just leave.

Or, another way of dealing with it is to date more than one girl at once, maybe date 3, 4, or maybe even 5 girls at a time.  That way, if one doesn’t work out, then they have 4 that they can fall back on.  And they think that since they are dating multiple girls, they avoid being attached to one, and therefore avoid pain if it doesn’t work out.

The same principle applies to courting business opportunities.  Some people are involved in 2, 3, or 4 business opportunities at the same time so that they are not “burned” if one does not work out.  They do it so they have something to fall back on.  However, this very strategy could be the cause of the very thing they are trying to avoid…failure.

When they do this, they end up spreading themselves too thin and end up not making any progress with any of the opportunities.  So, they drop them one by one, pick up new ones along the way, never getting past the learning and earning curve with any of them because they don’t stick with any of them long enough.  Eventually, they end up linking pain with making money because they never see success.  They start to think success is a mystery that they might not ever figure out, when, in fact, the answer is as plain as day.

You get out of something what you put into it.  And since they are not putting much into each business opportunity, they are not getting much out from any of them.  Again, this pattern can last for years without the person realizing what is really going on.

How do I know all of this?  Because I used to do this very thing.  And where did I learn to do this?  From my father.  When I would see my father do this, I would see it as plain as day.  But it never even occurred to me that I would end up doing the same thing.  And the ironic thing is, it took me years to figure out.  What they say is true, you can’t see yourself swing.  So, I had to get a business coach to have them tell me what the hell was wrong with me, because it was driving me nuts.

Once I found out what the problem was, it was a huge relief.  Now the level of success that I was seeking was no longer a mystery.  It had been eluding me all of this time simply because I did not put in the work long enough to push through the learning and earning curve.  Once I had that revelation, things took off!

Now just to be clear, it is possible to have many businesses and be successful.  The secret is to stick with one business until it becomes successful AND you have set up a system so that it can either run on its own on autopilot, or you can pass it on to someone who can easily run it.  Then, and only then, is it wise to start another business.

If you choose to have more than one business, as you’ll find out, the more success you have, the easier it will be to create and setup another business on autopilot.  Pretty soon you’ll be an expert at it and you’ll be able to charge big bucks to do it for others!

So, the moral of this is three fold:

1.  You get out of something what you put into it

2. You need to give the opportunity enough time for you to figure it out, and for it to be successful

3.  Persistence pays off

If this has helped you, please comment below!  I would get great pleasure in knowing that my ah-ha moment has helped another aspiring entrepreneur.

Do what you love and the money will follow…in droves!

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